Will you be among the Champions?

Wolfenstein and DOOM came to the present and you loved them. Now, it’s Quake that comes from the past to show the best of the competitive arena first person shooter.

It was with this reveal trailer for Quake Champions that Bethesda opened their E3 conference, this year.

“The game that defined competitive multiplayer is back and it’s better than ever” announced¬†Tim Willits, studio director at id Software.

As a co-designer of the original game, Willits promises a challenging game “designed for players of all skill levels.” Since it’s a competitive arena style first-person, id Software knows “that high end performance is critical with these types of games”, so Quake Champions ” will be fast, with amazing graphics running at 120 Hertz with unlocked framerates.”

This new installment of the franchise will bring unique characters, each with different attributes and unique abilities. “The game is designed for world class eSports play at every level”, so, as part of the launch plan for Quake Champions, “Bethesda will be supporting and expanding competitive tournaments and leagues beyond Quake Con.”

More about the game and future competitions was promised to be available during QuakeCon 2016, August 4-7, Dallas.


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