We shall celebrate the spoils of the last Splatfest, together!

May the Squid Sisters and the fax machine correspondent be honored and proud of your bravery in the last Splatfest.

Ragnarok or not, the news of an ending to the Splatfest events will be a harsh message to all the people that still plays Splatoon regularly or casually.

The last post-launch content was released on June 8th, this year, and, with the last Splatfest scheduled to start on July 22nd, this probably means a certain abandoning of one of the best current titles on the Wii U and probably from Nintendo.


The Last Splatfest will put you against other inklings for the single purpose to discover who has more fans: Callie or Marie?

Little Inklings, your stars have descended upon Inkopolis to join us in one last Splatfest!

Callie and Marie now have their own amiibos! Just tap them on the Wii U GamePad to listen to a variety of songs that will surely enhance your skills.


But, in case you are wondering how a real life concert from these two squids would be, take a look at the video below!

Callie and Marie aren’t the only ones getting the spotlight!

If you wished for your an Inkling amiibo with your favorite color, perhaps this is what you were looking for!

A new inked patch of amiibos for the inkling girl, boy and squid are here for the splating!


You can always watch the video below to see all these new amiibos!


The Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack (US) and Callie and Marie pack (US) are a great way to get all these new amiibos at once but, there’s also the possibility to get every single of them individually!

These new Splatoon Amiibos are already available! Stay fresh!


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