Gul’dan is here to conquer the Nexus

You must give everything in return if you want to be conquerors!


Sure, Gul’dan is a mean guy, he wants to destroy Azeroth and help the Legion. But it was Ner’zhul that destroyed Draenor and turned it into the Outland!

Gul’dan comes to Heroes of the Storm right after Medivh, both depicted in the last Warcraft movie, Warcraft: The Beginning.

I can sense that Blizzard will be focusing on Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch for the next heroes, since we have been granted with a lot of Warcraft heroes, recently.

With Gul’dan, you’ll be able to scorch the hell out of your enemies, drain life from weaklings and corrupt their souls from a short time.

Your trait let’s you exchange hp for mana!

Your heroic abilities are both amazing weapons of destruction: make them run for their life defenseless or blow them out with fel energy, you choose.


You can see the Hero Spotlight video below.


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