Ready to discover Nintendo NX?

Finally, forget the rumors and secrets. An official tweet has promised trustworthy news!

Surely it may be because of the modern times and the fact that we desire for information faster then we can consume, but Nintendo holds in its hands one of the most desired consoles in all gaming history. That also might be because there are, at the moment, a lot more rumors than verified and confirmed information about the new Nintendo console that goes by the name of Nintendo NX.

The official twitter account of Nintendo of America have promised to break that silence, requesting among all its followers to be among the first to discover the NX! A preview trailer will be released on during 7:00 am Pacific Time, 10:00 am Eastern Daylight Time, 3:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time or 11:00 pm Japan Standard Time.

Forget everything you were expected to do and grab a computer, a phone, a 3DS or even a Wii U GamePad and take a moment to embrace what have Nintendo been doing all this time.

For better or for worse, all this secret campaign will surely affect how the console will be received by the gaming industry and community.


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