The weird sounds of Armikrog

Have you heard the sounds of Armikrog? You should!

What should I know about Play Music, Play Games?

The fortress of Armikrog, featured in the game Armikrog, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, is a place full with riddles, puzzles and creatures that seem to be out of a dream. Fully made with clay, just like the denizens of Spiro 5, the halls of Armikrog resonate the sounds you wouldn’t expect, but it certainly will amaze you how alienated you’ll feel.


With an original soundtrack, by Terry Scott Taylor, without proper words, besides the track for the Kickstarter backers, where you can listen ‘This is a song with your name’, you will distinguish dogs, cows, people and all kind of funny sounds made with a mouth.

The initial moments of the game are followed with a main theme that seems out of a TV Show, putting Armikrog right into your head while helping you how to pronounce the name of the game. A short narrative is presented and soon you’ll be following the journey of Tommynaut, an astronaut, and his alien blind dog, Beak-Beak.

Although the different tracks are strange and laughable, the musics suit the different moments of the game, painting all those emotions that Tommynaut and Beak-Beak might be feeling in their adventure.


My favorite track is ER..Uh..Uhmmm. It shows the feeling of Armikrog very well, with a fast rhythm and full of strange sounds all around you. It’s Armikrong in music form!

There are others that deserve a reference: Splendor in Emerald have the power to astonish us, like when we enter a large decorated hall. Scaly Maps could very well be the twin of ER..Uh..Uhmmm, but it sounds more like a medley. Last, but not least, Mother Is Near is lovely. It gives the player the emotion to pursue his objective with a relaxed and heart-warming tune.

To understand what you’ll listen to while playing this nice puzzle point & click adventure game, that doesn’t reach its full potential either by lapse or lack of time, money or interest, I’ll advise you to get hypnotized by the main theme.


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