League of Legends brings a lovely couple to the battlefield

Xayah and Rakan are a great opportunity for League of Legends players to cooperate with a fellow team member.

League of Legends never-ending roost of champions was increased with the addition of a new united and impressive couple: Xayah and Rakan.

Xayah and Rakan are Vastayans, natural from the land of Ionia, same as Zed or Ahri.

These two new champions were presented in an amazing teaser Wild Magic, that you can watch right below, where they fight Zed while revealing some of their abilities and their strong bond.

Rakan, the charmer, is an agile support, who can be a great help to his teammates while disrupting his adversaries.

Rakan’s abilities are Gleaming Quill (Q), Grand Entrance (W), Battle Dance (E) and The Quickness (R). His passive is Fey Feathers, which occasionally generates a shield.

These abilities give Rakan great mobility to assault his adversaries with Grand Entrance or his Ultimate, while being able to retreat back to his allies and empower them.


Xayah, the rebel, pursues the role of  ADC (Attack Damage/ Carry) that can be pretty powerful if the player understands how to turn a lane into a nightmare of feathers.

Xayah’s abilities are Double Daggers (Q), Deadly Plumage (W), Bladecaller (E) and Featherstorm (Q). Her passive is Clean Cuts, which, after casting an ability, makes her next basic attacks to pierce through enemies, while leaving a feather in the battlefield.

The abilities make use of these feathers: the first two and the Ultimate will help Xayah to plant hers traps, and Bladecaller will recall those feathers, inflicting pain and even root, if an enemy gets hit by enough of them.

Xayah_league _of_legends

With this new additions, League of Legends have 136 champions to choose and master.

You can watch the login screen for these two in the video below.


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