New changes to GOG Galaxy and

GOG Galaxy 1.2 brings new features to the gamer-friendly client, while getting out of beta. is a digital distribution platform, part of CD PROJEKT group. Through the website you can buy computer games, from critically acclaimed to old classics, and movies. Some games are sold with free downloadable content, exclusive add-ons and specially no DRM (Digital Rights Management) or intrusive copy protection.

Later on, GOG Galaxy was presented as a client designed to work as a storefront, software delivery and social network.

GOG Galaxy has now received update 1.2, which offers the players universal cloud saves, In-game overlay, bandwidth limit & schedule, screenshots, FPS counter, new chat, new hibernation mode, achievements rarity and desktop notifications. The users are also able to customize the Client as they see fit, by selecting the features they want to use.

GOG has also been making the hard work of calling people in, since most have been using other Clients like Steam, Uplay or Origin, by connecting Steam accounts with the GOG library through GOG Connect.

A new, easier and better looking navigation system has also been available to, adjusting the store, community, support and account menus.


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