Ganesha brings good fortune to SMITE

The latest SMITE patch comes with a new god and great skins!

Ganesha, God of Success in Hinduism religion, is known as remover of obstacles.

His passive, Good Fortune, grants his kills to the nearest enemy and receive the Assist rewards instead. His Assists range is increased as well as its duration.

His first ability, Turn of Fate, curses his enemies, damaging them. For each enemy hit Ganesha grants Bonus Damage to nearby allies.

Ohm silences enemies and grants Physical Protections to allies.

Ganesha can dash through player-made deployables with Remove Obstacles or hook an enemy, holding them to deal damage and then knocking them up.

Dharmic Pillars summon the Four Great Pillars of Righteousness. Between each pair of pillars a magical field is created. Enemies who passes through the fields are slowed, take damage and have their protections reduced.

Ganesha is the 88th god in the never-ending roost of gods. Ganesha’s first skin is Ganpati skin.

SMITE is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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