Prepare to face giant ogres in a fight to prevent Extinction

A new game proposing you to face giant and ruthless creatures was revealed!

You can look at it and say “Attack on Titan” or even “Shadow of Colossus”. What matters is that Extinction wants to give players an interesting environment and modifiable playstyle based on skills to create great moments.

Extinction was just revealed and already has a lot of info in its official website: You will play as Avil, a warrior brave and capable enough to face the Ravenii. The game is planned to have a deep story campaign, with dynamic side missions with an interactive environment to make use with a skill-based combat.

The game will also have a custom mode, that permits you to create battlegrounds with objectives and share them online, and an extinction mode, that puts you against a non-ending wave of ogres.

You can watch the announcement cinematic trailer in the video below.

Extinction will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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