The job of a Necromancer never ends

The Necromancer class is coming to Diablo III. You can already watch its opening cinematic.

Diablo III is getting sweeter with a new class from the previous game (which is already playable in Heroes of the Storm).

The Necromancer, or a Priest(ess) of Rathma (both male and female), is required in order to maintain the balance between life and death. Well, when the Prime Evil is lurking in the shadows, that objective seems to take longer than pretended.

You can watch both opening cinematic below.

The Necromancer class will be part of the Rise of the Necromancer pack that includes an in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. Both its price and release date is yet to be revealed, but the closed beta of the class is now live.

You can read more about the class and the pack in the official website.

Diablo III is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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