E3 2017 starts tomorrow

Here comes the big gaming event!

Just like other years, I’ll be writing about the games revealed and presented during the event on the stages or on social networks, giving my humble opinion and creating sweet and rounded images.

2017 have been epic for gaming, with players having fun with the first 5 months. But the most waited gaming event, E3, returns. The schedule for this year is:

June 10: 

Electronic Arts: 20:00 (British Summer Time)  or 12:00 (Pacific Daylight Time);

June 11:

Microsoft: 22:00 BST or 14:00 PDT;

Bethesda: 05:00 BST (June 12) or 21:00 PDT;

June 12:

Ubisoft: 21:00 BST or 13:00 PDT;

Sony: (June 13) 02:00 BST or 18:00 PDT;

June 13:

Nintendo: 17:00 BST or  09:00 PDT.

You’ll still have things happening on 14 and 15, but I’m wondering what will be revealed in the main stages.


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