FIFA 18 will be fueled by the best

Are you a Messi fan or a CR7 fan? Either way you must like football so here’s what EA has prepared for the next installment of FIFA.

EA demonstrated a bit more of what we can expect for FIFA 18 during E3 2017, revealing some videos with motion capture of Cristiano Ronaldo playing, which offers some signature movements and playstyle, as well as improvements to the stadiums’ environments.

A dribbling overhaul is also promised, in order to diverse the 1v1 situations.

Right below you can see the gameplay of FIFA 18.

Michael Davies and Roger Bennet, the hosts of Men In Blazers made an appearance on stage to give some opinions on the gameplay, visuals (there was even a reference to Peter Moore in the speech!) and to remember everyone about Alex Hunter.

The announcement of the return of Alex Hunter and the single-player mode in FIFA 18 was done amazingly by the use of a video with different famous professionals of the football scene answering to “What’s next for Alex Hunter?”

You can watch the official teaser to The Journey: Alex Returns right below.

Of course, there’s also the great news that FIFA 18 will be available on Nintendo Switch, offering the fan favorite modes (Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Kick Off and Local Seasons), with a variety of controller and display configurations.FIFA18_nintendo_switch

FIFA 18 will be available on September 25 on PC, 26 on Xbox One, 29 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (following the website and the digital stores of the platforms).


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